Blood Products for Research

Blood Products for Research

Advancing Medical Research

Serving biopharma, clinical and academic researchers, Versiti can provide a wide variety of blood products to advance your research in cellular and immune therapies.

Our expertise in blood collection, apheresis procedures, and donor management ensures availability and production of the highest-quality, most well-characterized human blood products for research.

Cryopreserved Leukopaks are now available! Versiti Leukopaks are available for both Research Use Only and Clinical Grade applications.

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Leukopaks are sourced from individual donors under an IRB-approved protocol. Products are collected by leukapheresis where white blood cells are concentrated then shipped fresh or frozen to your facility. Leukopak products are available with additional testing and characterization to meet your specific cellular therapy or research needs.

New Biomaterials Order Process

Effective Immediately, we are pleased to implement an updated, streamlined biomaterials order process.

Blood Products to Meet Your Needs

Prospective products from our biospecimen registry can be selected to fit certain criteria in order to meet your project needs. Our healthy donor bank database includes information like high-resolution HLA typing, CMV status, and other common donor selection demographics.

As a blood bank, our commitment first and foremost is to be good stewards of the precious gifts from our donors. To that end, we offer waste and other blood products that are not eligible for transfusion but are excellent, high-quality starting materials for research or manufacturing.

Non-Transfusable Products for Research
As a blood center, Versiti is committed to stewardship of the precious gift that our donors provide. We make products that have expired or are found to be unsuitable for transfusion available to help advance new frontiers in science and medicine.
Prospective Blood Product Collections
Versiti’s expertise in blood collection, apheresis procedures, and donor management ensures procurement of the highest quality human blood products required to support your unique research study needs.

Versiti Blood Products for Research Catalog

An enriched leukapheresis product composed of a variety of blood cells including monocytes, lymphocytes, platelets, plasma and red cells.

  • Volume: 150-300 ml, based on desired dose

Chamber of the apheresis collection set that retains white blood cells. Sealed and separated post collection.

  • Volume: 1 cone

Post centrifugation product from a single whole blood donation that contains white blood cells and platelets. Available for next-day delivery.

  • Volume: 30-40 ml

Plasma collected using an apheresis device. Plasma typically is leukoreduced and free of RBCs and platelets.

  • Volume: 600-880 ml

Plasma containing platelets, obtained by centrifugation of whole blood and expressing the plasma from the red cell.

  • Volume: 200-250 ml

Platelets collected using an apheresis device. Typically, leukoreduced and stored in donor’s plasma, but may also be stored in platelet additive solution.

  • Volume: 280-380 ml

Platelets previously collected using an apheresis device. Platelet product is no longer acceptable for transfusion.

  • Volume: 280-380 ml

Red cells previously separated from other blood components following whole blood collection that are no longer acceptable for transfusion.

  • Volume: 200-250 ml

Also known as packed red blood cells, this product contains red cells separated from other blood components following whole blood collection.

  • Volume: 200-250 ml

Single tube of whole blood or blood component collected in specific anticoagulant.

  • Volume: 5-10 ml

Versiti operates a cord blood donation program that provides stem cells for transplant programs and research.