Custom Assay Development

Custom Assay Development
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Custom assay development provides pharma clients with the latest, most accurate tools for screening, enrolling, randomizing and monitoring patients.

Versiti Diagnostic Laboratories

For more than 50 years, Versiti Diagnostic Laboratories have developed unrivaled experience in translating the latest scientific discoveries into specialized diagnostic testing.



Diagnostic Lab experts are highly skilled in an array of technologies, including DNA sequencing, gene expression, genotyping, flow cytometry and ELISA. Whether your project includes testing a handful of samples or thousands, we are equipped with multiple platforms to reliably meet different throughput requirements. Our team delivers dependable, quality solutions for both preclinical and clinical studies.



Our clinical trial methodology includes proactive processes to understand your goals, rapid and responsive communication, and prompt turnaround times. Our assay development processes include expert medical and scientific consultation to ensure your project is executed to your desired specifications, following best practices.

Cenetron Central Laboratory Services


Research & Development

Cenetron has an active research and development program that is focused on the custom development of assays for pharmaceutical clients. We have developed and validated real-time assays for clinically relevant SNPs used in randomizing patients in hepatitis C clinical trials. 

Cenetron also develops DNA sequencing-based assays for viral resistance testing and specialized immunoassays. Our research and development laboratory is specially designed for the development of custom molecular tests.


Armored RNA®

Cenetron is the primary inventor of Armored RNA, which provides custom, stable, quantitative RNA controls for diagnostic assays. This groundbreaking technology provides degradation-resistant quality controls and standards for molecular diagnostic testing. 

Armored RNA stabilizes custom RNA sequences in protective bacteriophage coat protein. Custom RNA targets form non-infectious, pseudo-viral particles to create ideal standards and controls for RNA viral assays. Armored RNA is specifically for use as positive controls or quantitative internal spiked controls for amplification and detection using RT-PCR.