Customized Kit Production and Label Design

Customized Kit Production and Label Design
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Cenetron offers kitting services, customized labels and sample collection kits to meet the unique needs of each clinical trial.

Cenetron specializes in producing highly customizable kits to meet any client need, from safety testing and molecular testing to pharmacokinetic sample collection kits. Kits are manufactured onsite and shipped to clinical sites around the world. Cenetron has developed the patented WINDOWS® collection kit system, which allows 100% quality control inspection of each kit’s contents, ensuring we get it right the first time, on time, every time.

Benefits of Cenetron's Clinical Trial Kit Production


Kit Assembly and Distribution

Cenetron uses its WINDOWS collection system, which allows us to exceed the industry standard of only inspecting a fraction of the entire lot. By setting the highest standard, we greatly reduce the probability of pre- and post-analytical errors, further ensuring peak efficiency. 

Cenetron’s experts will help you design, develop and distribute kits that meet high-quality system requirements. The design, development and management are inclusive of collection kits and all associated bulk supplies, requisitions, air bills, dangerous goods documentation and shipping supplies. 

The Cenetron kits and clinical supplies team has the experience and expertise to assist in the timely management of clinical trial kit packaging and site distribution. All kits are labeled to include client name, protocol number, visit description, timepoint, lot number and expiration date. Multiple-visit or timepoint kits can also be designed for easy use at the collection site.

We are committed to getting it right the first time, on time, every time. Cenetron provides you with a single point of contact for all study management matters. We employ a flexible, can-do approach to fulfill any request you may have. By customizing our kits, labels and requisition forms, we can easily meet and exceed any study-specific requirements. With industry-leading turnaround times, our unmatched quality of service offers a fast response to your sometimes complex, individualized needs.


Clinical Supplies

Cenetron stocks and maintains an inventory of study kits and bulk supplies to ensure client supply needs are always met. We utilize multiple vendors around the world to ensure that supplies can be maintained and transported quickly and efficiently.

In addition to kits, Cenetron can provide you and your sites with general supplies needed for the collection, processing, storage and shipping of your samples.


Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamic (PD) Kit Assembly and Distribution

Cenetron specializes in building customized pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) sample collection kits. Every collection kit contains multiple nested kits, each corresponding to an individual PK/PD timepoint. Nested kits are individually barcoded and contain all of the supplies necessary to collect the samples required for an individual visit.

Cenetron understands that every client has unique pharmaceutical needs, and our goal is to provide customized kits and supplies to meet those requirements. Our highly trained design team is dedicated to creating kits that are efficient, user-friendly and individually tailored to your specifications. Our team of experts enables you to design, develop and distribute supplies in an easy, deadline-compliant manner.


Bulk Supplies Packaging and Site Distribution

All bulk supplies, including BD Vacutainer® collection tubes, cryogenic vials, transfer pipettes, custom-designed labels and any other supplies you may need, can be managed by Cenetron. In addition, FedEx shipping supplies can be included with each shipment to the investigator site.


Online Kit Ordering

Kits must be ordered as needed; they are not automatically resupplied.

 Order collection kits and supplies by:

  • Faxing the Supply Request Form found in the lab manual to 512-439-5000. Please complete all fields.
  • Completing and submitting the online Supply Order Form. Please complete all fields.

Customized Label Design & Printing

Cenetron works with you and your partner labs to create customized sample labels to meet study-specific requirements. Labels can be formatted with or without barcodes, from standard to 2D, as required. 

 With extensive knowledge of sample analyzers, LIMS software and freezer inventory systems, our specialized project managers and systems developers work with you to review your study protocol and recommend the best barcode systems to ensure easy labeling and identification of your samples and study material. Cenetron can provide labels as bulk supplies, or labels can be affixed to collection and storage supplies as kits are manufactured.